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BioDesign Pools

Backyard Concepts introduced natural scape pools in 2023 to the Central Texas area.  These hand crafted Italian Quartz pools by Biodesign offer a completely immersive natural experience.  The natural beauty is unequaled by any other style of pool in the industry.  If you are looking to create a one-of-a-kind backyard this is a great way to start.  There are many benefits when compared to other types of pool construction listed below.

Choose from one of our 10 standard "beach" pools, or customize one of your own!

Biodesign vs Other Pool Construction


Natural Beauty


Construction Time

Ecological Impact



Structural Stability

Your design is only limited by your imagination.  Our expert design team will help you create the pool or your dreams.  

Talk about WOW factor!  Biodesign pools are a true pice of art.  There is little debating the fact a Biodesign pool looks and feels more natural than any other style of pool.

Ever pull a frog or a snake out of your pool?  Biodeisgn pools have a unique sloped wall constrcution that allows criiters to easily exit the pool.  In addition, those same sloped walls make Biodesign pools easier to exit for both children and adults.

The easist path to happy cusomers is a quick and efficient project.  A Biodesign pool can be built in 2-3 weeks.  The footprint is also smaller, so the construction process disturbs much less of your yard making it less expensive to put back together.

The construction of a Biodesign pool has a much smaller ecological footprint than any other type of pool.  It not only looks more natural; it is more natural.  This is the best choice of pool style to create a better tomorrow for future generations.

Is a pool a bad investment?  Not if you are investing in your family!  Biodesign pools hold their value up to 30% higher than any other type of pool adding value to your home.

There is little debate the durability of a Biodesign for surpasses that of other pool types.  How certain are we of this?  We put a lifetime warranty on our workmanship.  How is that for certainty?

Expansive soils?  No problem....  Biodesign pool are designed to remove the weaknesses of traditional pool construction by redistributing wieght and using cutting edge materials.

Contact us for your free Consultation.  There is no cost to you for our designs.  Set up a site visit today to see a Biodesign pool in person!

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